Yesterday, thanks to alift from my neighbour Dave, I managed a trip into Worcester to visit their Victorian Fair. Excellent day with some great reenactors from I believe the Clik Clik Collective. Also a nice cup of Coffee and some very tasty cake at the Methodist church.

Well, I must be getting better at this, my latest book, Droitwich’s double survivors, is now available from Amazon at £15. I only dispatched it to Amazon, for checking, jus

st before lunchtime today. It is a series of photographs from my stroke club featuring the members and the volunteers who make it happen as well as info about the club. It is over a 100 pages long, paperback and retails for £15 all proceeds to go to the club.

Yesterday, the 8th of November, I took the train via Worcester, where I met a delightful Portuguese girl in the café, down to Oxford and meet up with my sister. We spent the majority of the day going around the Ashmolean museum and looking at art works. For the last hour we mooched around the streets and I took photos. It was another day that was closer to normality.

On October the 26th this year members of Droitwich camera club went to the park near Stratford with the intention of photographing the deer rut. Unfortunately, it was a bit too warm for the deer who preferred sleeping! Still we got some exercise and some photos

Yesterday, for the first time in eight years, Igot to the much changed bull ring. To make things even better, the centre operates a free mobility scooter scheme, so I could fairly easily, get around. It didn’t start off as the driest of days, but following a morning of rain, bookended by thunderstorms the weather turned out nice. Lots of opportunities to take street photos, so all in all a great day.

Well the last few weeks have been a bit busy. My ex student Charis came over to model for me so I could continue to try out my home studio. A big thank you there and a lesson learnt, I need to do tethered shoots to avoid issues. In the last few days I have been up to the Black Country museum for an evening shoot. Many thanks to Pat for organising and providing the lift. On Sunday I was helping the Headway trust, by photographing some of them running a mud run at Eastnor castle. Gloriously messy day. I got pretty covered and I didn’t take part!

This week Droitwich camera or at least 5 lucky members of it got to spend a day photographing Harvest mice with Bob Brind-Such at his home near Corby. The weather was excellent and the day involved a lot of clicking followed by a really nice pub lunch. Many thanks to Bob and his wife Ann for inviting us. Shame about the traffic on the M42 coming home.

Well August was an action packed month for me. We went down to Hampshire for a holiday, the first since 2019. My wife and youngest son only stayed three nights at my sisters I was there the whole week. However whilst theirs was a short stay they packed it in with visits too a Roman town, a Roman villa, a national trust property and a host of old churches. I managed another NT property and a museum as well as a restaurant and a lovely churchyard. So a lot was going on. I have also visited Hartpury Horse event for some nice shots of horses. We finished the month with a visit by my wife’s brother and his tribe. The first time we had seen the children (Well grown up children) since 2019. A good month.

Well yesterday, Sunday the 18th of July, was a great day. For the first time since the 7th of March in 2020, I managed a day out with Droitwich Camera club. The last time we had been photograph my ex pupil and now good friend Charis, this time we went…

Julian Rouse

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